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do everything," Blatter said. The soccer-mad Francis,

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    September 30, 2018 9:21 AM BST

    VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis met Friday with the head of FIFA and members of the Italian and Argentine national rugby teams. St. Louis Cardinals Jerseys . Francis told the rugby players in town for a match on Saturday that theirs was a "tough" sport but one without violence, where individual and team greatness complement one another. Francis also met Friday with FIFA chief Joseph Blatter. "We spoke the same language and it was language of football," Blatter said. "It was really a meeting between two sportsmen and two football fans." Blatter said he responded to the popes request for FIFA to help the favelas, or slums, of Rio de Janeiro during the 2014 World Cup, with a promise to "do what we can." "We cannot do everything," Blatter said. The soccer-mad Francis, a longtime member of his beloved San Lorenzo club in Buenos Aires, has amassed an impressive collection of soccer jerseys as gifts from visiting teams and players. The two also unwittingly wound up confronting the relative strength in the numbers of active participants in their institutions, with those involved in football, including players and their families, slightly outnumbering Roman Catholics worldwide. "We have 1.2 billion people and (the pope) said, I have no more than 1 billion," Blatter said with a laugh. lex Reyes Jersey . Paire broke Giraldo twice and lost his serve once in both sets to wrap up the win in 1 hour, 10 minutes. He will next face Pablo Carreno Busta of Spain, who advanced when Jurgen Zopp of Estonia retired with an injury at 5-5 in the first set. Vince Coleman Jersey .TV Series: Duck Dynasty.Each week, The Reporters put their thumbs out to the good and the bad in the world of sports. This week they discuss Phoenix Coyotes fans treatment of Gary Bettman, MLSEs government handout, Jeffrey Loria and two legacy CFL stars. Bruce Arthur, National Post: My thumb is down to those fans at the partly empty Phoenix Coyotes home opener who booed NHL commissioner Gary Bettman when he appeared on the big screen. Those fans will never know I disapprove, of course, since they appear to live in desert caves when theyre not at the local hockey game. Blame Bettman for whatever you like, but...Phoenix? The team he tortuously fought to save for five long, litigious years? Phoenix, which could have been Seattle or Hamilton or Quebec City? Maybe it was visiting Canadians; maybe it was just Glendale taxpayers; maybe Coyotes fans were just trying to fit in. But for goodness sake, if not for Gary Bettman, none of them would have been watching the game at this insane, frozen oasis in the first place. Steve Simmons, Sun Media: My thumb is down to the cozy relationship between taxpayer money and the multi-billion dollar business, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. Its easy to be offended that the Ontario government will provide MLSE with $500,000, an apparent incentive to bring the NBA All-Star Game to Toronto, as if it werent doing it anyhow, with or without a government handout. Its just MLSE has this way about them - their soccer team plays in a stadium they operate, paid for with taxpayer dollars. Their AHL hockey team plays in an arena they operate, again paid for with taxpayer dollarrs. Bob Gibson Jersey. . MLSE is a wonderfully rich, profitable company...if only its teams could win and it left government of all levels alone. Michael Farber, Sports Illustrated: My thumb is down to the Miami Marlins, but my palms are up because I cant decide the main reason why my thumb is down. Is it for venality? Or is it for stupidity? Lets start with the venal. Henderson Alvarez no-hit the Tigers on the last day of the season and because, as H.L. Mencken observed, no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public, Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria tried to peddle 9,000 unsold tickets to the finale, for $15 apiece, as mementos. Now, the stupid - the souvenir tickets, PDFs actually, were printed with the wrong date: October 3rd and not September 29th. Yeah, I guess Ill go with the stupid. Dave Hodge, TSN: My thumbs are up to a couple of new CFL stars whose last names are getting them and the league itself, increased attention these days. They are receivers Luke Tasker of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Duron Carter of the Montreal Alouettes. Luke Tasker is the son of former Buffalo Bill and current NFL TV analyst Steve Tasker and Duron Carters dad is none other than Hall of Famer and TV analyst Cris Carter. Lets not pretend that the players are not interested in the NFL careers that their fathers enjoyed and would love for their sons, but for now, theyre making the most of their time in the CFL and they, and the league, are benefitting from those efforts. The CFL can always use big names. In football circles, Tasker and Carter are big names. Cheap Orioles Jerseys Cheap Rockies Jerseys Cheap Diamondbacks Jerseys Cheap Cubs Jerseys Cheap Mets JerseysCheap Royals Jerseys Cheap Twins Jerseys Cheap Brewers Jerseys Cheap Indians Jerseys Cheap Blue Jays Jerseys Cheap Red Sox Jerseys Cheap Dodgers Jerseys Cheap Nationals Jerseys Cheap Astros Jerseys Cheap Giants Jerseys ' ' '