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A text of fireworks

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    April 19, 2019 3:14 AM BST

    A text of fireworks releases a life. When I was young, I loved words. Every time I read a good book, it was like watching the fireworks on the beach, and the night sky was gone. I feel that every word is like my own tiny nerves that touch my own sorrows and joys. At that time, I was able to read a good book and it was like playing a chicken blood. I couldn��t see what was going on at the end. In the subconscious, I feel that the writer is the greatest person in the world, washing the soul of mankind. Later, I thought about the writer is actually an ascetic, can endure loneliness, and endure loneliness. If a book is a building, whether it is a high-rise building, a bungalow house or a country cottage, the wild hut is a result of the writers giving up the excitement and how many nights and dawns are intertwined. Which book is not the author who puts his soul into it, writes it, and which book will be like a zombie, with no readable value. I am grateful to those who have been with the book, and have come to the book all the way. In the summer of 1996, I took a train with my classmates for twenty hours to work in Guangdong. Full of hope and horror for the future. The first time I left home, I felt that everything was so fresh and strange. The long train slammed in the heart and trembled. I don��t know what it is waiting for in the future. This speeding train is pulling away from hometown every second Marlboro Wholesale Cigarettes, and the homesickness spreads little by little... ...just got off the train and immediately felt that Guangdong was wet and stuffy like a big pot Free Newport Carton. It is not comfortable at all. The company that worked for was a Japanese-funded company, and the job was an inspector on the assembly line. Every day, the work that is repeated every day is monotonous and boring. Because it is a Japanese-funded enterprise, every nerve is tight and tight. I am afraid that if I don��t pay attention to the bad flow, the consequences will be disastrous. That period was really depressed. Later, I found out that there was a small library in the factory. I paid a deposit to rent a book and read it. At that time, I felt like a married daughter. I was aggrieved at my husband's house and suddenly met my mother. From now on, I will be there if I don't go to work. I still have some regrets in the classic books inside. It was rainy in Guangdong, and the window of the library was facing a black mountain. Whenever the lightning was thundering, I clearly saw that the "Z"-shaped lightning seemed to open the black hill. This scene left me. After Guangdong, it often appeared in the dream. After staying in Guangdong for half a year, I felt too homesick and couldn��t help but come back. When the library came, the deposit of the library did not need to be sneaked back to a novel by Kawabata Yasunari, because the "Snow Country" that loved him too much came back. Kong Yiji also said that stealing books is not a steal. This book is still in my collection. After returning home, I never went out and took care of a small storefront. Customers rarely started the time when books and music accompanied. There was no pressure during that period, and it was very pleasant Super Cheap Cigarette. If I didn't have those idle books, I felt that life was really as light as Shibuya. Neighboring brothers like ramie, often three missing one, eager to call me, but I am naturally dull to not learn now, so angry that he yells at me. At the age to be married, the shop went out and married and had children. Forget the days of being with the book. My anaemic face is pale in my life, and I am busy every day. I don't know what I want in this world. Perhaps it is the child's smile, perhaps the husband's praise, perhaps just a day of rice and oil. The excitement of the day faded like the tide, and the night was wrapped in a black robe. Where did the elves of the text go, are I forgotten them in the dusty corners, or are they driven by reality? Nowadays, electronic TVs, mobile phones, computers, what I want to see, a search, everything is all right. However, the scent of the book can no longer be heard. When I was free, I also wanted to pick up the pen in my hand and round the dream of a child. At that time, a tofu block was scattered in the newspapers and I was so excited that I could not sleep for a few days. Now when people are in middle age, think about what they have never achieved in a lifetime. Their favorite hobbies are also squatting in the corner Buy Newport Online. They dare not let others see it. They sneak a little at home in the past few days, and come to the door next door. Say what I am doing in the house, I said nothing, when I came in, I quickly shut down the computer screen. A rural village woman, not going to the field, not working, hiding in the house and knocking out the text, I am afraid that people will laugh at the big teeth. If you want to eat swan meat, you will not be afraid to walk in the street for a few days. Sometimes someone is lying in bed and asking why they are in the middle of the text, can not bring wealth and reputation, but they like it. Just like the pretty girl in the town who married to the lame guy, who said it was useless, and then did not want to be handsome, and no money to change, I really admire the courage of the girl Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping, walking through the crowd The hands of the beloved do not care about the eyes of others. In life, some people like mahjong, some people like to dance, some people like music and art, I only like words, think about it is just a personal hobby, there should be nothing wrong with it.