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ching quietly, smelling

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    July 10, 2019 3:24 AM BST

    In the morning, the sun is softly sprinkled in front of the window, warm, the silk is soft and soft to touch my skin, warm and comfortable, there is nothing in this world that is warmer than the sun, greater than the sun, through Sunshine, I smell the spring, clear and fresh, spring, finally came, like spring, it has no winter chills, no summer heat, no autumn bleak, it has its own gentle, spring taste is Fresh, the spring sun is warm, the spring is gentle, the spring color is bright but not glaring, the spring temperature is warm but not hot. In front of the window, holding the book roll, in the sun, slowly open the book, watching quietly, smelling the ink, the word rumors like the soul engraved in the book, led me into a sky, there is a paradise, There is a water moon, let you roam in this beautiful world, feel the intensity of the years, listen to the sound of flowers. Outside the window, the green leaves are coming out, taking in the energy of the sun, trying to grow, still so arrogant, not knowing how many years of reincarnation they have experienced, sometimes sighing that every year is on the branches, but not the year, the time is clear Shallow, the years are clear, according to the time, this year is another spring of flowers, the years of age to meet each other, the age is different, the flowers are open, but people are no longer, although you leave, the problem is still So, not only do you have to know how to cherish it, but you also need to know how to let it go Cigarettes For Sale. If you can't get it, let him go. If you can't get in, don't let him in. Life is short, why bother to be yourself, so learn to follow the trend, in life, we must learn to live with a happy heart, learn to face the outside gracefully, sometimes you will feel a lot of pain, feel the whole life They are all in distress, not only fresh clothes, but also all over the place, and they want to be versatile, but they are violent, sometimes they are desperate, but they are not living, but no matter how you complain, the days are still the same, the earth Still still turn, just like this blossoming spring, although it is years old, it still blossoms in spring, so no matter what, learn to face reality with a moist heart Parliament Cigarettes, no matter how uncomfortable you are, every year The flowers will open, although one day will be prosperous, but will come again next year, so it is better to have a warm heart, but embrace this age, the heart is bright, the sun is coming, if you are in full bloom, the butterfly is coming, so as long as we In the mood to change, I will sit in the whole spring. This spring is not too late, just right, the custom on our side is, once in the spring, every family The family will set off firecrackers to welcome the arrival of the new spring. Spring means hope, meaning vitality, girls take off thick cotton jackets, enchant in beautiful spring, you and me dance youth, in sunny spring, look forward to A flowery meeting. I am used to a cup of light tea. In the warm spring days, I listen to the songs in a straightforward manner. Only in this way can I resist the ignorance of the world and enjoy the quiet and peace of the moment Cheap Cigarettes. In this beautiful and peaceful spring, I complained about the breeze, I sang with the time, maybe nobody listened, no one understood, but I still sang, feeling my true existence, sometimes lonely In the spring days, in the spring day, I will stand in a line and the shadow of the years, fluttering in the time, if the shadow appears, and guard this warm and quiet year. The world has already passed by, why should we repeatedly recall, repeatedly mention. It��s time to say goodbye to yesterday, forget everything, and forgive everything. It is really forgotten, to be calm, and to live in harmony in the present world. No longer pursuing vain, just in this warm spring, whispering the morning chanting, quiet language flow Marlboro Lights...
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