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    July 10, 2019 3:24 AM BST

    After leaving Jianyang for a few days, I have been chanting people and things there. In this life and in this world, Jianyang is destined to be the place I want to say. An unforgettable netizen conference, netizens finally moved from virtual to reality. In the cold rain, Jane was in the cold rain, smashing the fireworks on both sides of the strait, and the soil and grass were within reach, and the mountains and waters were far away. Cold rain, � ˮ plumbing. The first time I met Wang Bingrong, the owner of the warehouse was in the Tiandian warehouse. Although I have been interested in the Internet for a long time Cheap Cigarettes, I really feel a little excited when I really see myself. The king of the Internet should be exuding the flavor of the book. From the "Reeds of the Reeds" to the "Homeless", every period has a taste of the local, and each narrative is immersed in the taste of the native. I am not a person who is good at praising, but I have added the words of Yimei and I have no regrets. Call him the king version? Wang Zong? Still Wang Ge? I have some incoherence, and some entangled according to the pre-set bridge section of the Tianzheng. I and Zheng Ying are hiding in the library of the Tianzheng. Some people say that it is always better to meet the encounter. Jianyang is not big, but Jianyang does not. It��s too small, maybe it��s just a point distance, but it��s cut off again and again. A strong handshake with the Wang version finally brought a real dream. In the face of the spring breeze, he not only has the elegance of a literati, but also has a big brother-like smile. Jianyang is strange to me, but this moment is so familiar. The king's version is still the king's version of the one who stayed alone in Danjingshan for the sake of exploration. The young and the young, the shadow of the temperament is written in the powerful hands. Although he has never met, he can call Zheng Ying. The name, both moved and made me sigh, but also let me admire the heart of the king's version. When I first arrived in Jianyang, I heard the familiar taste on the tip of my tongue. From the Jianyang buns, I talked about the mutton soup of Yuchengqiao Online Cigarettes. The Wang version can always pick up the taste of history in the spring and autumn. The lamb is fried three times. The stone bridge is fried overnight. Back to the pot, it seems to be a step in the court. In fact, the talks and manners have already exhausted the fireworks on earth. Ascending on the concrete floor of Anxiang Street Newport Cigarettes Coupons, listening to the masterpiece of the Wang version of the history of Jianyang, I seem to have heard the snoring of the ancient calf county for a thousand years. History cannot be forgotten, whether it is Niu County or Yang'an County, the past events are read in a one-page book. I am a little drunk and a little obsessed. In the mung bean health soup, several online friends talked about each other in reality. Wine can be a trace of a man's soul, wine is the best brew of words, because of a cold, because to host the party, the king version can only be used again and again to express wine to us. I am touched by the dedication and persistence of the King Edition and the sincerity of my friends. When I first arrived in Jianyang, I was a little excited when I was familiar and strange Newport Cigarettes. Wang said that I would like to accompany me to see the scenery on Binjiang Road standing on the Jiangyue Tea House. The Xiongzhou Restaurant more than ten years ago is no longer the old one. The lights on both sides of the straits began to rise, and a small boat broke through the storms of two thousand years. A few cups of toon, a "Jianyang Literature and Art", because of the Wang version, I am familiar with a culture of Jianyang, the sun is shining, although I don't know the true meaning of the road to Jane, but I feel that Jane is away. I am so close, although people are in Chengdu, but they have never gone far. From one place to another, no matter how wandering, no matter how long or long, you can't walk the taste of mutton soup, you can feel the warmth of the sun. Wu Changyou once said that youth is unbearable to Baidu. After receiving the autographed by the Wang version Cigarettes For Sale, Jane Yang Wenyi, I seem to have touched the youthfulness of leaving the mark, and my heart swept through the warmth of Xuchun Spring Breeze. In the past, I once wrote the sentence of ��Looking at the world, a blessing, and a good life together.�� Although it was just a joke, it gathered the enthusiasm and dreams of three Jianyang people. As for the origin of the word "Bing Rong", I am awe-inspiring. The seemingly ordinary "Bing" character is full of the thoughts and respects of the master of the king. The word "rong" implies the life. The pursuit and the white tower Lingyun and the song, Wenhai boat can be Bingrong.
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