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I want to be an angel

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    September 20, 2019 7:24 AM BST

    I want to be an angel in a fairy tale, guarding you with open arms. --Inscription The midnight bell is about to ring, and the deep night covers the midsummer dream. The dream becomes dim, the wake rises to sleep, the void replaces possession, and the ugliness deteriorates beautifully. A few matches made a faint light in the darkness, and the sound of the ears was swirling, like a mermaid singing. I am so drunk that I only want to marry this wonderful world. Fairy tale, she couldn't pierce the sharp dagger into his heart, even if she knew that there were a few red clouds on the horizon, slowly smudged from the depths of the clouds, as dazzling as blood. She came to him and gently kissed his forehead, and the beautiful bride fell asleep on the side. The last glimpse, like drunk and drunk, like crazy, the morning dawn is more dazzling, the sun rises, she is the daughter of the sea, she uses the sound of grace as the last ritual, like when he first met, the sound of the day . "The light of the morning sprinkled on the sea, the prince smiled and extended his hands, and the face of the mermaid was beautiful. Thanks to this miraculous sea, let us meet here." Everyone laughed at her stupidity Online Cigarettes, but she didn't know that she was love, and she had to love it. Fairy twilight little girl lit up the last match, she was too cold, too lonely. Delicious food, warm stoves are leaving her after this moment Newport Cigarettes. And grandmother, will it be like this? No, she ignited all the remaining matches, and the light of the night seemed to be brighter than the day, she threw herself into the arms of her grandmother. In joy and light, fly to a place where there is no hunger and no pain. She was a star in the sky, and the world changed and fell here. When the sun is tired, it is going to sleep, leaving this shimmer, but it can't wait for dawn. Fairy tale, sleeping, she fell asleep in the gorgeous castle because of the witch's curse, how many warriors went for her beauty, but how many cowards were defeated by many difficulties and fled. A hundred years of time sneaked away, the prince came to the place that was forgotten by time, all the obstacles were stabbed by the sharp sword, he came to her, she slowly woke up, and finally stopped sleeping in the right time, We always meet the right person, wait for how long, how long to sleep deeply, smile when you wake up Parliament Cigarettes, have what you have, if you expect, if the mermaid will bet the prince's heart; if the little girl does not light the last match If the prince is afraid of difficulties and not looking for a beautiful princess; if all good is turned into a fantasy of nothingness. But this is a fairy tale, which creates beauty in the illusion and transforms the legend in the hollow. Words and sentences are sealed by ink, but they are a combination of truth and nothingness, inheritance, praise, and eternity. The readers realize that what they have is the true nature of the fairy tale, the inspiring enlightenment, the boring ridicule, the tears that touch the heart, and the dreams and reality. And all of them are because of fairy tales, because of the hot heart, bring us the impression, I hope this immortal beauty will last forever.
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