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There is such a plant

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    October 23, 2019 8:15 AM BST

    There is such a plant in our life. It has neither the aroma of flowers nor the tall and straight branches of trees. There is no innocence of the sky. It is just a grass in the city that is uncommon and unknown. It used to be the happiest, and the melodious song kept echoing in its ears. It used to be the most beautiful, and the slender figure swayed in front of the passers-by. However, after a disaster that humans gave them, it broke this wonderful thing, and everything has changed. Human beings are always building for a modern city Marlboro Red, and again and again to destroy the bad environment of life. Is this right? I have heard such a shocking report that the excessive demand from humans to nature has led to the relentless revenge of nature on human beings: hurricanes Cheap Cigarettes, heavy rains, heavy snow, floods, droughts, insects, heat, forest fires, earthquakes, etc. The disaster is unexpected, and the number of migratory refugees caused by drought and other factors around the world is expected to reach 100 million by 2025. Seeing this report, do you think that human practices are ridiculous? I think you will go to see the city we live in. Does humanity have less damage to nature? Remember the green grass? Isn't it always strong? It is not afraid of wind and rain, not afraid of crushing and heavy damage, since the spring breeze awakens them, and then firmly drilled out of the soil. From that moment on, even if the storm hits it wildly, it still maintains its fearless spirit; even if death comes, it knows that today's death will bring more rebirth of tomorrow. So, in any case, the stubborn grass always smiles and faces everything. But now, they have lost the joy of the past, just out of the land, it shows the sorrow of the face, there will always be a few scars on the young leaves. Is it because the ground creatures are crushed on them, or is it a bad natural environment? I am very sad to complain to everyone, neither is it, human beings are sorry for them. Why do human beings only think about their own happiness to destroy their lives? What are they doing wrong and paying such a big price? Perhaps they should not be a small grass in the city. They should not use their own strength to exchange human beings. Once again, they will make mistakes in building buildings. The hardened roads will continue to spread. Those lovely grasses will This is forever buried in all kinds of human-made "disasters" and reluctantly left the world that it has nostalgia for Marlboro Gold. Those so young and beautiful lives are so ruthlessly over, I can't help but shed tears of sadness. We humans have an unshirkable responsibility: rapid population growth, over-exploitation of land, deforestation, destruction of forests, destruction of vegetation, and gradual desertification of land. The human beings who dominate everything, we should be alert from the disappearance of the weeping grass in the city: stop blindly requesting nature, return green and life to nature, and leave our vitality and hope to us. I have left it to our descendants.
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