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The morning glory

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    October 23, 2019 8:15 AM BST

    The morning glory that grows in the corner stone cracks with the theme of climbing. He only opened two flowers, only I saw them in the early morning. When it was noon, it was shrunk back. Gradually, Yan Yan will be better off. People who passed by saw it so beautiful, they took scissors and cut them into vases for indoor viewing. A few days later, the flowers in the vase faded. The evening sun in the stone crevices has many lateral branches growing from the side, and the flowers on the side branches are more beautiful. Slowly climbed the wallowever, the hot sun is ruthless. When the sun rises, it uses thousands of long whip, and slaps Xiyang to make him afraid to appear under the scorching sun Only a fresh and elegant look reveals a good mood in the morning Cigarettes Online. Destiny is not for human beings, but it is also by nostalgia. When the golden autumn is coming, everything will mature. Of course, Xi Yan is also no exception to take off naked bones, suffering in the winter hurricane and snow. But life isenacious, and after a round of robbery, it will climb to another new realmarm spring came, spring rain, spring breeze gave the opportunity to reunion. But the sun, the sun isnot willing to stop, so the value of the life of Xi Yan is only the fragrance and beauty in the morning. Summer is the most difficult and most beautiful time for Xi Yan. The high temperature and the sun gave the sorrow and suffering, but also gave it the motivation and confidence to survive. Let it be full of strength to work hard for yourself. Soon, Xi Yan has climbed the entire wall, and the magnificent scene reveals the meaning of life - strength, dedication, tenacity, and finally completes and completes this hard, sweet journey with the most beautiful gesture. The journey of life is also the same as the continually continually climbing and continually making progress Online Cigarettes. Finally, I will contribute to the most beautiful posture. Life should also be so from where it falls, from where it starts to move forward and continue to climb the realm of lif
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