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    November 4, 2019 3:31 AM GMT

    Only mothers are good in the world. "This sentence can be said to be well known to women and children. Many people also recognize that the greatest and most unselfish in the world is maternal love, and the mother is deeper than the sea. But there is another kind of love that is like a towering mountain, although silent, But we are always paying attention to us, that is, fatherly love. Although it is not so delicate and intimate as maternal love, it is an indispensable love in our life. Looking back at childhood, it is a time that people are suffering. My father and I are always getting together and there are few days to come together. My childhood and my teenage years are mostly spent on my father��s and my mother��s expectations Carton Of Cigarettes. My parents are working outside the home all year round. I am a little older. When my mother came back, I also moved home from my grandmother's house, but my father was still outside. After occasional short-term gatherings, the taste of being away from you was always in my heart for a long time. Therefore, my childhood will become different. After a short sunny day Newport Cigarettes Coupons, it is always haze, and the pain of parting has been burning my tender heart for a long time Online Cigarettes. Perhaps because of this, I am more attached to my father. I am with my father and my father. Growing up in the middle, every time I leave, I have to endure the pain of the cone. I have learned to cover myself since I was a child. When I parted, I will be very strong to warn myself not to cry! Every time my parents leave Before the embarrassment, I always listened very sensibly. Even though my tears were full of eyes and my nose was sour and unbearable, I was forced to hold back and showed a stubborn smile. When the Spring Festival was just over, my father would leave home and work outside. He got up very early that day, waiting for me to get up, the luggage was packed, and the car came. Mom put the luggage in the car with him, very busy. If I had nothing to do, I didn��t dare to look at him. Eyes, I dare not say goodbye to him, but I always can't hide. When my mother asked me to take 200 yuan to chase him, I took a shortcut and intercepted the car at an intersection. The car has not completely stopped. Dad has already s
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