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5 Phases Of A Digital Marketing Consultant

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    November 18, 2019 10:07 AM GMT

    The 5 phases of a Digital Marketing Consultant is a simple development process that all consultants experience.

    Skipping phases isn’t an option, and you will have different levels with different clients.

    For example, you will be a Digital Marketing Company in Sydney with a client you’ve worked with for many years. But at Phase 1 you might be just starting to help a client.

    junior digital marketing consultantPhase 1 Junior Digital Marketing Consultant

    The first stage is an introductory phase for both the consultant and the client. Clients listen because he or she has the title “Digital Marketing Consultant.” Typically, these consultants are paired with a Phase 2 Digital Marketing Consultant.

    In the relationship, the consultant isn’t a leader. Earning respect from the client takes time. Trust is minimal, and there isn’t much to the client/consultant relationship. Client’s engage with the consultant because they have to.

    Phase 1 consultants have smaller retention rates and minimal results. They often feel threatened by other rising consultants.

    digital marketing consultantPhase 2 Digital Marketing Consultant

    The next Phase transcends beyond the role of “Positional Digital Marketing Consultant.” Client’s engage Phase 2 consultants because they want to. This stage of consulting is achieved by building relationships with clients. At this level, consultants are emotionally and psychologically invested in their clients.

    The consultants understand their client’s needs.

    They know the impacts they have on their clients.

    They understand the client’s goals and motivations.

    Phase 2 consultants often specialize in particular areas of digital marketing. For example, more experienced with Facebook Advertising or content marketing, or excel in specific areas of inbound marketing.

    At Phase 2, consultants know when to speak frankly and stay sensitive to the knowledge gap.

    Consultants at this level are genuinely liked. They’re entertaining, friendly, get along with their clients.

    Meetings are characteristically fun and informative, and an open discussion about performance. The dangers to Phase 2 consultants based on leadership and results. You will most likely lose highly motivated clients that are looking for more direction and results.

    senior digital marketing consultantPhase 3 Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

    Senior Digital Marketing Consultants give a powerful business advantage to the client over their competition. A senior consultant is someone who understands that marketing is crucial to business success.

    Clients follow Phase 3 Consultants because of what they have accomplished for other companies. Consultants can point to instances where they have helped clients achieve measurable results. Such as

    3X increase in website traffic

    a positive return on marketing investments

    2x increase in leads volume per month

    online lead generation is their client’s’ primary source of new business

    or developing lead generation systems for the client that allowed them to hire an in-house team.

    When you reach the Senior level, you are respected in the field of digital marketing.

    Consultants are knowledgeable and educated. They are communicating digital marketing in a language that is understandable.

    They have a direct impact on the growth performance of companies. These consultants can identify positive and negative activities.

    They have the skills to correct poor performing efforts tactfully. Their clients stay engaged and motivated to stick with Digital Marketing. These consultants can teach/lecture. They give the “why’s” behind the theories, and expand on areas if needed. At this level, positive momentum will build as more and more clients get results.

    The challenge of getting clients to “buy in” seems to disappear. There is more confidence in the consultant/client relationship on both sides.

    senior digital marketing consultant level 2Phase 4 Senior Digital Marketing Consultant (Level 2)

    At Phase 4 the Digital Marketing Consultant is a Level 2 Senior Consultant.

    These experts get results for every client on a professional and personal level. Clients aren’t with the consultant because of successes they had with other clients. They listen and trust because of what the consultant has done for them directly.  You are only a Phase 4 Senior Digital Marketing Consultant to a client if you have made THEIR BUSINESS better. What you have done for other companies is what Phase 3 is all about.

    Level 2’s are completely invested emotionally, intellectually, psychologically, physically, and every way possible. These consultants are like internal employees of their clients’ company. They educate, measure, lead, and inspire almost organically. Their communication and interpersonal skills seem second nature and people are drawn to them.

    Phase 4 consultants have the skills and ability to help many companies efficiently. They make every client feel as if they are getting one on one attention. They see and correct faults in beginning and intermediate marketing experienced clients. They also improve strategies of savvy companies, marketing professionals, and other digital marketing consultants.

    Digital Marketing StrategistPhase 5 Digital Marketing Strategist

    The Digital Marketing Strategist is the pinnacle of digital marketing.

    Reserved for consultants who can respond to any scenario with tested strategies and tactics. They’re dedicated to growing businesses, advancing careers, and multiplying revenue exponentially.

    Strategists masterfully create integrated game plans that are purposely and predictably designed to outperform the client’s competition.

    On the fly, they can adjust, expand, replace, and also to continually uncover hidden meaning in correlations.

    These individuals have been in the game long enough to develop and train other Digital Marketing Agencies in Sydney on their own. Strategist work with consultants to create comprehensive marketing plans for client’s success. Clients want to work with Phase 5 Strategists because of who they are, their reputation, legacy, and what they stand for.

    As a Phase 5 Strategist, there is no need to work through the phases with clients. They are sought after and respected even before the first introduction.

    Final thoughts

    Today’s digital marketing climate requires knowledgeable, action-oriented, and proactive consultants.

    As business owners, you may not know everything there is to know about growing your business, and that’s ok. You have digital marketing consultants to help you discover the right things.

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