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    December 3, 2019 1:39 AM GMT

    I will wait for you at the end of the road. ����Inscription Since coming to this world that day, fate has changed accordingly. Perhaps my previous life was a swordsman, a poet, an inventor, or a good man, a catcher or detective, a leader. But never like this life. Past, present, and afterlife are destined to be different. How many springs and autumns, countless winters and summers, you have always been with me: no matter whether it is three or nine volts Cigarettes Online, regardless of the lightning and thunder. I remember one day, I was walking between intersections-it was very small, I remember. You stand at the end of the road and look at me anxiously Marlboro Red, as if to say: "We will wait for you at the end of the road. Every time you will wait for me, but I did not wait for you, never. I did n��t realize it until years passed To��I will wait for you, whenever and wherever. When you are old, I will be a good companion. Perhaps, one day you will slobber and be informal, forgetting how you looked at me when you were young. I will clean it for you-although you may not want to, just like you did for me when you were a kid; maybe, one day you will not know where to be home, I will hold your hand and walk back step by step ����Yes, you are lost, but I will find you and lead you home. Finally, you will come to the door! You broke my hands halfway, I will not be angry, and said patiently: "It doesn't matter, we will come again once. "Just like you did it for me when you were young Cigarettes For Sale. When you are bored, I will take you on a trip. Near or far, or three days or a week.-I will not worry about you, I said: I will do a very Good companion. We might take a plane. Someone will always be in front of us, and there will always be someone in line. Maybe you are very angry, but please do n��t be anxious, let alone be angry, okay? I rushed rudely and intentionally showed impatience, and I said to them loudly, "Is there any education? !! Do you have no parents? "Then I said to you," No hurry, let's go slowly. Maybe one day you are confused and can't think of who I am who locked me out of the door. I'm not in a hurry, although I'm an impatient, and I won't be furious for this. I will take you slowly to think of who I am, and I will definitely do it, just like it ��s easy to forget when you were a kid, you will always say, ��Remember? It ��s ... Yeah, maybe one day, because of work The relationship will leave you briefly for a few days, at that time I will send you to relatives' homes, and then repeatedly tell them to take care of you, and then leave. Perhaps, you will stop me from letting me go, but I will say: "I Will come back as soon as possible, and one day, you will definitely leave me. So, let me accompany you well in these short decades and wait with you for the day to come! At the same time, I will stand at the end of the road and look at you, waiting for you to come, I will wait for you at the end of the road.
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