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    December 3, 2019 1:39 AM GMT

    The bungalows in the countryside, like birdhouses on the roof, exude an earthy atmosphere of dry thatch. In the dry sun, the smoke rises like freehand, which is the scene in memory. At that time, every household used a large pot for cooking rice, and the sound of the burning of dried pods in the pot bored a lot of energy into the day. The hot summer sun bakes the pods into golden yellow, just like the dragon pattern on the emperor's robe, showing a golden and warm, peeled dry pods bundled into a bundle in the kitchen, and piled into a hill. Grandpa knows how to cook. At each meal, he took a spoon in front of the pot, and grandma helped to burn the fire at the mouth of the stove. It is often cooked in the inner pot, fried in the outer pot, or stewed with fragrant meat. Grandma put some dried pods in the pot of the pot, lit the fire, and when the fire became hot, put some firewood removed from the old wooden boards to suppress the flame. The pods were muffled in the fiery red flame, the water in the pot was boiling, and then a handful of dried pods were plugged Cigarettes Online, the fire was booming, the crackling sound rang in the aroma of rice, and the crisp and dry sound seemed to be The scene of the pods in the fire is reproduced in front of the eyes. The golden dry pods are in the fire, lifted and fell, and then gradually disappeared, and a piece of golden in a crisp and explosive sound like a small firecracker turned into a soft oven. The flames, the last fire, suffocate the cooked rice, the heat overflows the lid, and the heat from the burning of the dried bean pods into a pot of soft glutinous scent. The burning sound of dried pods is the sound of temperature, and the heat it emits has made countless people say "It's still delicious in the cauldron-fragrant", which is the credit of the cauldron. This is clearly the dried pod in the fire. " The energy given by the burst of sunlight during a "crack." Later, every family in the village thought that the big pot was troublesome and the smoke was heavy. They changed the gas stove, used a rice cooker, poured rice into the pot, poured half a pot of water, and pressed the switch. Silently, for a while, the indicator light jumped. To the heat preservation Cigarettes For Sale, "click", open the lid and face a pot of crystallized rice. Even the precious rice can't burn the aroma of the pot. Sometimes, cook soup on the gas stove, watch the silence, flashing With the flame of blue light, the sound deep in the memory always echoes to the ear as warmly as it itself, and the sound, like the dry and warm sunlight, gives a rustic aroma, such as dried grass, Has a different kind of softness. It was the sound of dried pods burning Wholesale Cigarettes, kind, the sound of the country, the sound of brewing in the heavens and the earth.
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