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In my hometown

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    May 7, 2020 2:01 AM BST

    In my hometown, Yueqing, there is an ancient traditional folk art-fine-grain engraving paper. In 2009, fine-grain engraving paper was rated as human intangible cultural heritage. What is the origin of such a great work? Hurry up and follow me to the Yueqing Longhua Fine Line Carving Research Institute to see what happens. We came to a dilapidated factory, and the teacher said that she lived next to the factory when she was in elementary school. Presumably this factory has a history of more than 30 years. We are greeted by teacher Zheng Meizhen, who has been studying fine-grain engraving paper since she was 18 years old. Today, the works she has carved have lines as thin as hair, dense but not chaotic, slim but not complicated, and work not greasy, which makes me stunned. Looking at the works on the wall also dazzled us. Teacher Zheng Meizhen told us that fine-grain engraved paper is an ancient traditional folk art. Paper cutting is a branch of paper cutting, and paper cutting has been circulating for more than 2000 years. The earliest paper-cut works were "To Monkey" and "To Horse" unearthed in Xinjiang. The engraving works in the south are slender and exquisite, the engraving works in the north are bold and bold, and the Yueqing fine-grain engraving paper is the representative of the Nanzong. It originated in the Yuan and flourished in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The highest record of its exquisiteness is 4 in one class Wholesale Cigarettes. 52 lines are carved on the 6 cm square paper to finish the history. Now let's talk about the tools and materials needed to carve fine paper! Fine-grained engraving paper requires a knife, grindstone, style, oil pan, and rice paper. The oil pan is specially made with pine pollen and butter. It must be a pine flower that bloomed in the first four or five days of Qingming. Pick the flowers, sprinkle the pollen and butter together, put them in a fixed wooden frame, and dry them for a few days . The engraving knife is not our ordinary engraving knife Marlboro Cigarettes, but a professional engraving knife. The engraving knife is blunt and needs to be ground with a grindstone. When the knife is down, the paper may come up with the knife. At this time, you can use the style to press the paper, so that the paper does not move, so as not to affect the completion of the work. Teacher Zheng Meizhen also said that in ancient times, there was no photocopier, so he had to paint on his own. At this time, people will use a chemical called potassium iron hydride to print pictures. Having said so much, why not try it out for ourselves! The teacher prepared a piece of paper for each of us and explained how to cut double happiness Cigarettes For Sale. I looked at the teacher seriously, imitating every step the teacher taught us. Soon a festive Double Happiness appeared in front of my eyes, and the teacher showed us how to cut the five stars and the birthday. The process of cutting each work made me feel amazing. The realm of empty art is more exemplified by the broad and deep mind of the Chinese nation.
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