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What is integrity

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    May 7, 2020 2:01 AM BST

    What is integrity? Open the dictionary Parliament Cigarettes, it reads: Integrity is "honest and trustworthy" Song Lian, the author of "Send Dongyang Ma Sheng Xu" Borrowing a book from a friend's house. Once, he borrowed a book from a friend. The more he read it, the more he loved it, so he decided to copy it down. It hasn't finished copying, but the deadline for returning the book is coming soon. So he had to copy the book overnight, although it was a cold winter, but in order to return the book to his friend on schedule, Song Lian finished copying the book overnight. His mother advised him to take a rest first Newport Cigarettes. He said to his mother: "The book is due, this is a credit problem. It also respects the performance of others. "Song Lian, don't be distrustful because of bad weather, isn't this the best interpretation of integrity? Time and space change, but honesty still shines with an attractive light. Many great men are also adherents and practitioners of integrity. Grandma Song Qingling, when she was the vice president of the country, once promised to participate in the "June 1" activity of the kindergarten in Haiding District, and it must arrive on time at 8.30, but the weather on "June 1" changed suddenly and the downpour continued. Both the teacher and the children thought she would not come. But at the agreed time, Grandma Song's familiar figure appeared on time. In the endless applause, a child murmured: Grandma Song really kept her promise. In my beautiful village, there is also a good story: an old man with inconvenience and legs, in order to exchange a pack of badly sold bags of salt, walked almost two kilometers and was praised by the whole village. Isn't this the virtue of honesty and trustworthiness passed down in the world? There are still many similar stories of integrity in ancient and modern China and foreign countries. Shang Yanglimu took the letter, Washington cut the cherry trees, and Charles de Gaulle stood up until dawn without the command of the commander. Isn't this an expression of honesty and trustworthiness? However, in the 21st century, the virtue of integrity is gradually forgotten or even lost by some people. Look at some businesses: For profiteering, they inject water into the pork; for profiteering, they soak seafood in formalin, and for profiteering, they add melamine to the milk powder. Maybe some classmates will say: The examples just listed are big things and they have nothing to do with me, so I ask: Is the class not on time, cheating in the exam, and talking about lying related to you? Maybe you will say again: This is a small thing, not related to integrity, and I will keep the big things and important things in good faith. However, if you think about it, a person who is not honest in small things will be honest in big things? A person who is not honest when he was a child, will he speak honesty when he grows up? Students, let us start with small things, start with things around us, and be an honest and trustworthy middle school student. On the road to growth, let honesty accompany us and let honesty walk with us!
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