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Many men who actively train in the gym

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    July 5, 2020 4:09 PM BST

    Many men who actively train in the gym, will sooner or later begin to use steroids. But the problem is that most of these men absolutely do not understand what it is and what it is eaten with.

    And as a result, instead of beautiful and large muscles, they get health problems. Anabolic steroids (anabolics, as, chemistry, Pharma) are unique drugs that are artificial analogues of such male hormones as: testosterone and dihydrotestosterone.

    These drugs are very natural for the male body. Buy steroids Australia

    They cause the development of secondary sexual characteristics in men, are responsible for sexuality and increase performance.

    Also, they accelerate hypertrophy of muscle tissues, due to the acceleration of protein synthesis in the muscles. In scientific terms, this process is called anabolism (by the way, it is because of the scientific name, these drugs began to be called: anabolic steroids or anabolics).