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VDS part of the VIN code

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    October 14, 2020 3:23 PM BST

    VDS part of the VIN code
    VDS (Vehicle Description Section) – descriptive section of the VIN code. The descriptive part of the VIN code occupies positions 4 to 9 in the VIN code and consists of 6 characters. If the manufacturer uses only five VDS characters, the sixth value is indicated by the number 0. this part helps to determine the model and modification of the car. Here you can often find information about the car's configuration by default. The fourth symbol indicates the type of vehicle body, the fifth - the type of engine, the sixth - the model. The following symbols can indicate the car series, the maximum permissible weight, the type of cab, body, chassis, brake system, and more.
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    last, ninth character of the VDS part is the most important numeric character that verifies the validity of the entire VIN code.

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