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Nike Air VaporMax 2020 Flyknit Release Multi-Color

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    November 19, 2020 1:57 AM GMT

    New 2021 Jordans official release of Giannis Antetokounmpo's Nike Zoom Freak 2 signature shoes, the white/cement color scheme directly refers to one of the favorite sports shoes of the Bucks star. Regardless of the official level or the unofficial level, another palette of Goat Age has the iconic black/red/white in the upcoming version. In addition to the choice of color, there are various materials that make up the structure of the shoe, such as suede side heel, leather inner side, metallic silver tongue label and textured armor on the Swoosh logo. The only team color that Giannis fans care about is the forward-looking color he can wear; the offseason action of the Milwaukee front office determines that the two MVP teams will start from now, and the acquisition of Jrue Holiday in recent days may help Because of their desire to lock this elite star for a few more years.

    Nike Air VaporMax 2020 is officially designated as the fashionable sneaker for Nike sponsor athletes of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Since then, Nike VaporMax 2020 has been tried and tested by daily consumers. Soon, those who travel through urban and rural landscapes will have the option to add a silhouette color scheme of "newsprint/college gray/black/Opti Yellow" to their rotation. The green Flyb fabric is matched with military uniforms to create a reminiscent color. The combination of purple, blue and light green is added along the sidewall of the sneaker, and the last hue also appears in the slightly darker shadow of the "lock" part of the FlyEase system on the heel. The Swoosh logo on the side incorporates soft gray, but their knit combination brings some charm to the iconic logo. At the foot, the modified Air Max variant incorporates a deep navy blue hue and extends to the tread.

    Earlier this season, the Philippines-based retailer Titan 22 showed off an invisible Air Jordan 23 covered with a logo. Although no news has been heard from the early disclosures, another collaboration-this time in Air Jordan 35 has revealed the official image. It may be scheduled for later in 2020. When the AJ35 arrives, it is very simple to wear. Its palette is a multi-color mix and match mainly dominated by neutral colors. For example, the front feet are almost completely covered in gray, almost cream-colored leather, and the lace unit is only slightly lighter because it is white underneath. A little bit of bright orange is wrapped around the silhouette, and the woven is quite thin compared to the thick back buckle and heel handle; gilded finishes are also rare, because they are only gilded with trapeze embroidery, the top eye protection strip and Logo on the insole. More importantly, the black-coated counter placed a lightning bolt behind the recessed badge of Titan 22.