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An online store

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    November 20, 2020 4:00 PM GMT

    An online store, like any other type of site, consists of both a technical and visual component. At the same time, the visual component is often as important as the technical one.
    I think every business owner wants their site to stand out from the crowd – to be recognized by people, to stick in their memory. How to achieve this? With the help of a unique design.
    You can add products to WooCommerce manually or add them using CSV / XML import. Try add product to the table
    The unique design of the online store is made by a designer specifically for your business. This takes into account all its features, and as a result, you will see in the pictures what the site will look like even before you start making it.
    The other side of the coin is template design. This means that your store will use a beautiful template that has already been developed earlier and will not only be available on your site. Template design assumes that you pay less, but you agree that the design will be standard.
    The difference between a unique design and a template design is like buying a dress in a chain store or sewing it to order based on someone's sketches. When you buy a dress in a store, you pay less, but you can meet someone in the same dress at any time (although you may not meet them). Ordering a unique tailoring, you can be sure that this dress will be only for you. No, you can't. But still, the chances of meeting a copy are much less. And for this copy, you can already show something to someone.
    Of course, a unique design will always be better, but the cost of creating an online store will be higher. Choose based on your financial capabilities.