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Girls Air Jordan 1 Low White Black Red 553560-160

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    July 11, 2021 2:54 AM BST

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    New Jordan release dates in 2021 have not passed, but news of the coming year's decline has begun to surface. The latest rumors appear in the form of Jordan 3 "Canvas", which is expected to be launched in March 2022. Probably the result of the North American conglomerate's "Move to Zero" initiative, this newly launched vintage shoe has a naturally dyed canvas with a "musk" hue on the upper body. Covering around the toes and heels, abandoning the iconic "elephant" pattern created by Tinker Hatfield, but they indulged in the iconic "cement gray" hue of sneakers; the collar and lining followed this tone. The skydiver brand on the tongue and heel (sorry, "Nike Aviation" enthusiasts) deviated from their low-key environment in the "university red" makeup, and the midsole chose the "sail" combination, which ostensibly introduced Jordan 3" "Elderly" appearance. Finally, this sneaker is expected to have a special box and packaging, which will definitely make fans more eager for their drop.

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    Before Giannis Antetokounmpo reveled in the first NBA Finals this summer or the first MVP award in 2019, he drowned in his first smoothie. Air Jordan 1 Low White Black Red ,According to an epic tweet released in 2014 by a rookie Bucks at the time, Giannis had never tried smoothies in his life-it is safe to say that his life will change and change forever and will never return to where he was deprived. Smooth life. For this impressive Giannis immortal sneaker, Nike recalled this viral moment of Hoff’s life in the United States in the future. It uses a fruity color mixed with smoothies, and There is a fruit mosaic on the inside. There is a "super smoothie" label on the tongue on the left, further appealing to Greek freaks for their undisguised love of drinking mixed fruits.

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    In the era of sports shoes and fashion collaboration frenzy, fragment design,Air Jordan 1 Retro Low Flyknit Travis Scott crossover is by far one of the most popular series. After the high-point exposure of the three people's Air Jordan 1, low-end iterative images surfaced. This Air Jordan 1 low OG retains most of the style concepts applicable to the earlier two models. White OG occupies the upper part, contrasting with the black shoebox cover, lace and heel tab. A familiar blue also appeared, coloring the soles, heel coverings and socks. Unlike the high top, the reverse contour swooshe on these two shoes is colored in the sail, hiding the expected black swooshe on the inside. Sail continues to dominate by coloring the tongue, laces and midsole. As for brand contact,,the logos of Jordan Jack and Jordan Wings are embroidered in white on the heel tab, while the round Travis Scott face and the fragment symbol are embossed underneath.

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