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How To Bet During The International?

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    December 23, 2021 1:24 PM GMT

    How To Bet During The International?
    Strategy of mastering heroes in Dota2.
    Since there are 119 heroes in the game, it is difficult to master the full list, even professional players can rarely boast a thorough knowledge of the subtleties of all the heroes. Therefore, the best strategy would be to choose two or three heroes for yourself and first play only on them. After your level increases, move on to the next characters. It is useless to take a new hero every time, because after 119 games you will play equally poorly on all the pieces.
    How To Bet During the dota 2 international ?
    And now let's move on to the main topic: the easiest heroes for beginners in dota 2. We can identify 5-10 main characters that are better suited for a beginner. Let's distinguish three categories.
    Ranged characters with a minimum of buttons:
    Drow Ranger.
    Melee characters with a minimum of buttons:
    Wraith King.
    Dragon Knight.
    Ogre Magi.
    Melee Characters:
    Phantom Assassin.
    We propose to focus on each character in more detail and figure out why these characters are best suited for beginners to play.
    Sniper is a carry hero who is famous for his attack range, his main attribute is agility. Sniper can give out a huge amount of damage, the mechanics of the game on low ratings are very simple. The main thing is to keep a position and not let the opponent get to you, otherwise, like most ranged characters, he will be quickly destroyed due to a small amount of health.
    Who is good against: Medusa, Enigma, Terrorblade.
    Who is bad against: Storm Spirit, Morphling, Spectre.
    Drow Ranger is another ranged hero, this is the easiest dota 2 character. The main attribute is dexterity. For beginners, the essence of the hero is absolutely the same as on Sniper: shoot from afar, and everything will be OK. As soon as they got to you, death. Although the ice archer has a skill that can be called a saving skill with a stretch, it is, of course, a gast. He pushes enemies a short distance away and hangs silence on them, which will help in case of an undesirable rapprochement with the enemy.
    Against whom it is good: Slardar, Lone Druid, Necrophos.
    Against whom it is bad: Phantom Lancer, Sniper, Anti-Mage.