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Do you like to kiss?

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    January 12, 2022 7:05 PM GMT

    Train on the hand Make the OK gesture with your left hand. Make sure that the thumb lies on top of the index nail. Place the thumb of your right hand in the resulting letter "O". Squeeze your " O " so that it tightly wraps around your thumb. Remove the thumb of your right hand. Now your "O" is like a pair of lips parted in anticipation of a kiss. You can start the main phase of training. Touch your lips to the "O". Start lightly kissing the fingers closed in a circle, experimenting with force, pressure and light biting. Track exactly what your fingers are feeling. The partner will feel about the same when you finally move on to real kisses. Does it hurt your fingers? Are you kissing too wet? Control the sensations and change the tactics of kissing depending on them. Experiment with the tongue, running it inside the " O " and caressing your fingers with it. Practice kissing, sometimes more gently, then more decisively. Such training will make you more confident when it comes to kissing with a real partner. And on fruits and vegetables Take a soft fruit with a delicate skin — a peach, a large apricot, mango… Some recommend tomato-also an option. Choose according to your taste — the main thing is that such kisses are pleasant. Take a small bite so that the bite site is the size of someone's mouth. It will be your simulator. Start gently kissing the juicy "lips", experimenting with pressure and rhythm. Wrap your lips around the upper part of the "mouth" first, then the lower one. Make grabbing movements with your lips to bring them to the level of automatism. Do not forget to work with your tongue, launching it inside the fetus. How to properly kiss a partner First of all, keep in mind: kissing is an extremely intimate and subjective matter. So be sure to track his (her) reaction! Someone likes deep kisses, someone does not tolerate someone else's tongue in their mouth, someone may be irritated by excessive humidity. As a rule, people are shy to talk about discomfort. But next time they will try to avoid "wrong" kisses. Try to make your kisses meet the expectations and desires of a particular person.

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    January 13, 2022 1:21 PM GMT

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