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any water-quality issues with the water

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    March 9, 2019 7:40 AM GMT

    RIO DE JANEIRO -- It looks as if the water polo pool is turning green with envy. Cheap Raiders Jerseys .The mens Olympic tournament resumed Wednesday in green-tinged water after the diving pool at Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre turned a dark green the previous day. There was no sign of any water-quality issues with the water polo pool during the first day of the womens competition Tuesday.A decrease in the alkaline level in the diving well Tuesday led to the green color, Rio 2016 spokesman Mario Andrada said. He added that the pool for water polo and synchronized swimming is being affected in the same way.We have treated both pools during the night and the alkalinity levels have already improved, Andrada said. We expect the color to be back to blue very shortly.Maybe not, according to a U.S. pool expert.Once you get behind, it gets hard to get back in front of it, said Jerry Wallace, chairman of the California Pool & Spa Association, a trade group.According to FINA, the world governing body for aquatic sports, water tanks ran out of some of the chemicals used in the water-treatment process, causing the pH level to go outside the usual range, leading to the discoloration. Andrada and FINA said there is no risk to athletes competing in either pool.Just from TV and pictures on the computer, it looks more like an algae than alkaline problem turning the water green, Wallace said by phone from Sacramento, California.Andrada said algae also is an issue. The algae makes the water look green. We kept the same level of maintenance as we did before, but we had far more athletes, he said. We had more dirt in the water and that generated more algae.Wallace said if theres a reaction with iron in the water, the pool would turn a translucent green. But a murky green color, as seen in the diving pool, would indicate an algae issue. Wallace said some strains of algae will grow even in water that has the proper pH balance.If theyre cleaning the diving pool and then using the same tools in water polo, they could contaminate it, he said. Algae spores can be transmitted.The warm and humid climate in Rio could be a factor, too.There are no such problems at the swimming venue, a temporary facility with its own filtration system. The diving and water polo pools are part of a permanent facility opened in 2007.The black lines at the bottom of the water polo pool were clearly visible as play continued throughout the day, and there was no evidence of the color affecting the action. But a couple players said they could tell the chemical mixture is off.They put way too much chlorine, U.S. captain Tony Azevedo said. The last quarter, I can barely open my eyes.Everyones obsessed with the green water. Who cares about the green water? Azevedo continued. Sometimes you can have green water, black water, it doesnt matter as long as its safe for us. You throw in too much chlorine, all of the sudden you cant see. These are things that, its the Olympic Games, you cant have that.Hungarian water polo player Gergo Zalanki got some drops for his eyes after an 8-8 draw against Greece. But he wasnt sure chlorine was the problem.Yes, it feels like that, but I dont know, Zalanki said between sniffles. In Hungary theres lots of water like this. It feels like lots of coloring, but theres something different.The Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre, named after the first Brazilian woman to compete in the Olympics, was renovated before the Rio Games. The major upgrades included new springboards, a refurbished medical center, new hydrotherapy baths and two new warm-up pools. There is no mention of any update to the water-treatment system in the venue description.Andrada said a test event at the facility did not account for the increased use for longer periods that the pools would see during the Olympics.We probably failed to note that with more athletes, the water could be affected in a different way, he said. Authentic P. J. Hall Jersey . -- Aldon Smith believes he is on the path to being sober for good. Authentic Nick Nelson Jersey . The team also announced Tuesday that the Braves will wear a commemorative patch on the right sleeve during the season. The patch, shaped like home plate, carries the number 715, Aarons autograph and a "40th Anniversary" banner. . Pedro scored from a pass by Lionel Messi in the 33rd minute and added two more goals in the 47th and 72nd after Valdes saved his second penalty in four days following his stop in Wednesdays 4-0 over Ajax in the Champions League. AUSTIN, Texas -- With their red, white and blue tutus and Taylor Swift T-shirts, Rachel Emling and Mikala Crews were everything Formula One wanted at the U.S. Grand Prix: young fans who would travel across the country for a mix of pop stars and fast cars.Tens of thousands packed into the Circuit of the Americas on Saturday night for Swifts only concert of the year at Formula Ones only race on American soil.Formula Ones goal in booking Swift was to hook a new generation of fans to their sport in America, long considered an untapped market for the global racing series. Landing fans like Emling and Crews, NASCAR fans from Jacksonville, Florida, was exactly what they hoped for. They came for the concert and love the cars.Weve been watching a little bit. Its cool, said 20-year-old Emling, who said theyll return for Sundays race. We like racing.The race weekend scheduled her show after Saturday qualifying and before Sundays race. One group watching is Liberty Media, the American group that is taking over Formula Ones commercial entity and will be looking for ways to grow the sport. Track president Bobby Epstein had predicted as many as 40,000 would be lured in by Swift.The concert was a big opportunity for the singer as well. Swifts face was splashed all over publicity efforts for the race that promoters hope will draw 250,000 this weekend just as Swift is rumored to be close to releasing a new album. And shes not alone in the music lineup. Usher and The Roots were scheduled to play at the track after the race Sunday night.But Saturday night belonged to Swift as she dazzled fans with set that ran about 90 minutes, full of hits from her previous albums. The only stumble was a cold she said got three days earlier. At one point, she stopped between songs to blow her nose.She also acknowledged the international makeup of her crowd that danced and sang throughout her set.This show is really important because we have people from all over the world, she told the crowd. Thank you for that.Swift drew a mix of fans young and old, from race fans curious to thousands more who came solely to seee her. Wholesale Raiders Jerseys. After Saturdays qualifying ended, young girls with their parents and packs of young women started filing into the stadium. They stood in line at food and drink vendors alongside the die-hard race fans dusty from sitting all day in the grass berms around the track.Charlene Frollo of Austin brought her daughter in a gaggle of girls, all aged 9 or younger. As a group, they wore pink and white Swiftie shirts Frollo had designed herself. They arrived well after the days main event on the racetrack but still got to see some of the support races and hear the cars growling around the circuit.It was fast. It was like `RRRRRRRR, said 8-year-old Brie Bauman.Would they like to see more?Yeah, I guess so, said 7-year-old Avery Frollo.Charlene Frollo said her husband and sons will be coming back for the Sunday race, but was glad the girls got to experience something new.Don Burger, a Formula One fan from San Antonio, brought his 22-year-old daughter who wanted to see Taylor Swift. Shes not a racing fan but he thinks he sees a twinkle of interest after getting her out to the track.She stands it when I put it on TV at home, Burger said. I think shes a little more interested than she was before. She flipped through the program. She told me the other day, `Im actually looking forward to the racing, too.Race fan Cody Crochet came to the race from Houston. Swift will be the takeaway of the weekend for some fans. For him, its still all about the race Sunday.Its a good show, but Im still about the cars, Crochet said.As for the Formula One drivers, some wanted to see Swift. Others planned to stay far away the night before they race.Im going to try to. I know Taylor a little bit. Shes amazing. Im a massive fan of hers, said Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, the two-time defending Formula One champion.Not Romain Grosjean. The Haas F1 driver planned to get away from the track.I like to have a very quiet dinner and a glass of red wine. Im French, Grosjean said. ' ' '