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At that time

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    November 4, 2019 3:31 AM GMT

    At that time, our class was quite uncomfortable because of its personality. However, we live happily, freely, freely, and not let alone. At that time, I was just a nameless pawn in the class. I never thought about the teacher or caring about me. Just started school, the first exam, I did a good job, the teacher mentioned the first row, I was excited and scared, because I am tall, sitting in the first row is obviously not very symmetrical. So the teacher took the initiative and arranged me in the first row of the corner. That is to say, people who do not block the back do not mistake my study, it is really two birds! During the National Day Newport 100S, the school held a tug-of-war competition. We are in full swing, it is the age of passion, everyone is the most outstanding player, and the thick rope is the hope of victory in our eyes Newport Cigarettes. At the time, there were not many such activities, so it was always exciting. "Win, we won." Our classmates shouted at the same time Cigarettes Online, H, G, D and me, the four of us are very good friends. H's parents have some power, but he is not arrogant, very cute; G is a humorous, smiling boy; D has a dream, full of wonderful fantasy about life; I am always very happy. H and D are more lively, G and I are calmer. We are all frank and honest, optimistic, and full of idealism for life and the future. We have different personalities, but we have inherently similar temperament. It was so harmonious that we gradually developed a clean, clear and deep emotion. Friendship is like a soft mist that envelopes us. This is our Taoyuan. But I don't know when it started? D became complicated and difficult to understand, and gradually I was alienated from him. Only G is still with me, it may be the blow of H transfer! Ah, our Taoyuan - that is our young and pure dream! It was the first day, now I look back, as if everything is far and far away from me, and as soon as I look up, the senior high school entrance exam is in front of me. Life in the third day is not a complete life, and I am looking forward to the lively heart of youth, and will never be sad and stagnant. This is what Bing Xin said. I am not nostalgic, just a memorial
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